Wisdom, Innocence, Humour, Freedom

This workshop is now fully booked. However, if you are interested in attending a future workshop, drop me a line. Thanks, Peter.

Cultivating our wholeness—The East Facet of Self.

“Conventional knowledge is death
To our souls and is not really ours.
We must become ignorant
Of what we’ve been taught,
And be, instead, bewildered…..
Forget safety.
Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious.
I have tried prudent planning
Long enough. From now
On, I’ll be mad.” (Rumi)

In his book “Wild Minds” Bill Plotkin notes that wisdom traditions from around the world have looked to nature’s seven directions for a model of wholeness: north, south, east, west, up, down, and centre. He contends that the four cardinal directions are the four facets of our innate human potential, and that they also reflect the qualities of the natural world which we observe in the four seasons and the four times of the day – dawn, noon, evening and night.

Innocence, clear-mindedness, lightheartedness and extroversion are all qualities of the East Facet of Self. Life without these qualities can leave us humourless, stress filled, heavy and dull. The day aims to facilitate us in cultivating these qualities in ourselves.

We are invited to come out onto the slopes of Ben Bulben to reinvigorate ourselves after a long wet windy and tough winter. It will mean moving out of our comfort zone and embracing the gifts which are in abundance in nature’s untamed powers, and in the more-than-human world.

Requirements for the day: approach it with a willingness to be surprised by what you see, hear, touch, smell, taste and feel. The sight of Sliabh League, the smell of heather, the sound of a crow, the touch of a stone, the taste of your lunch can all be so extraordinary when sensed with a beginner’s mind, young heart and fresh eyes.

The day will include walking with attention and curiosity in an Eastern direction, spending time alone with whatever draws us, sharing with the group whatever you feel is important. You will receive guidance and direction in terms of how to proceed and assistance in integrating what unfolds. Ritual, input, fun and silence will all enhance your experience.

Date: Sunday 30 March
Time: 10am-4.30 pm
Cost: 50euro or whatever you can afford
Booking: Peter Devlin on 086 3663276 or [email protected]
Venue: Slopes of Ben Bulben, Co. Sligo weather permitting; otherwise there will be an indoor venue.
Meeting Point: Yeats Tavern and Restaurant, Bundoran Rd. (car park!!) 9.45am
Deposit: To secure a place please send a deposit of 20 euro to Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co. Sligo before 21 March. (Max 8 places)

Please dress in several layers and bring waterproof jacket and trousers if possible. Good boots or Wellingtons will facilitate you in the exploration. A spare pair of socks and a small towel would be useful, as would notebook and pen. Bring lunch, including something to share.


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