Who am I?

With one of my children I’ve managed to embarrass

I am Peter Devlin and I have lived in North Sligo since 2001 with my wife and three children.  I have been working as a psychotherapist since 2000 and as a clinical supervisor since 2006.

For me psychotherapy and spirituality are intertwined. Both are interested in humans living wholesomes lifes and sharing this planet with more than the human world. It is too easy to dismiss feelings of anxiety and depression for example: as mental illness. What if these conditions exist, because they are in fact a healthy response to one’s current environment and situation.

The body does not lie, often as children we have been robbed of the nourishment, protection and love that any child deserves. As a child most of ourselves realise at some stage that the world is not a safe place we imagined it to be. External circumstances in the family have changed, such as a death, loss of health, job, abusive parents etc. and we naturally adopt a new role in our family which keeps us relatively safe.

Often times we find ourselves as adults still using childhood strategies, but they do not longer serve us. The ‘good child’ for instance can now be now a ‘good adult’, thus repressing anger. Anger is a powerful human emotion, which enables us to stand up for ourselves and others. Sometimes in life as adults we are bullied and unable to stand up for ourselves, because we have to keep our anger at bay at all costs.

Each of us have a soul, which wants to do it’s task on earth. I see soul listening as part of our innate spirituality, in order to discern what the soul came to this earth to do. Sometimes we do not know how to listen to our soul and sometimes our wounding gets in the way of the soul doing this work. For me this is an essential part of my work as a therapist.

Attending to childhood wounding is part of the work I offer, empowering people to revisit their growing up days and really listen to the child telling its story of wounding. The sacred wound as it is known in literature can contain a gift which has the potential to transform our lives.

I passionately believe in the healing power of wild nature and offer this to clients as a way to heal and tap into the power of trees, mountains, sea, etc. I see my part as facilitating the interaction between human nature and wild nature in the pursuit of becoming more whole.

In my work:

  • I strive to give people a sense of really being heard and listen to, body and soul.
  • equip people with ways to self heal and to care for their soul
  • teach them how to listen to the wisdom of their bodies and their voice of their soul

I also provide workshops and training in areas such as Understanding Your Dreams, Focusing, Process-Oriented Psychotherapy and Soul work.

I am a keen organic gardener, and my passion is spirituality of the outdoors, introducing people to the magic and healing of the landscape.  I know at first hand the healing power of nature, and am convinced that many of our illnesses and diseases are in part a sign of disconnection with the earth.

I have experience in working with individuals, couples and groups to help people work through whatever issues they are facing. Clients are guaranteed strict confidentiality, except in circumstances where they are a risk to themselves or to others.

Issues covered include:

Anxiety                                         Depression
Relationship counselling              Anger Management
Personal Growth                          Loss and Bereavement
Sexual Abuse                               Life Transitions
Gender issues                              Parenting
Soul Work                                     Trauma


As a supervisor I accompany people providing the with a space where they can talk about their work and achieve the 4 Cs.

  1. Clear Head
  2. Care of Self
  3. Clarity of Role
  4. Calmness of mind

Currently I am working with fellow therapists, school principles, chaplains, teachers social workers, mentors and guidance counsellors.

Workshops and Retreats

‘Soul Listening & ‘Soul Care Retreats’, Vision Quests, Dream Work, Focusing and ‘Accessing the Gifts and Wounds of our Ancestors’.

Published Articles

  • Inside Out Magazine: No 70, 2013, Page 55 – Psychotherapy in the Outdoors
  • Network Magazine: No 92, march 2015, Page 16 – Healing in the Wild