Vision Quest

June 29 & 30th 2013

A two day event incorporating 8 hours in silence alone,  staying in a place of your own choosing in the Eagle’s Rock mountain area,  Co. Leitrim. There will be preparation in advance and time to reflect and integrate the material at the end.  This will also involve a 24 hour fast.

Date::                    Sat 29 June 10am- Sunday 30 June 2pm

Booking :             Peter Devlin 086-3663276 or [email protected]

Cost   :                  90 euro  (Or pay whatever you can afford) –      excluding accommodation                            

Meeting point:       Benwiskin centre, Ballintrillick, North Sligo

CPD:                    16 hours


 “To enact a vision quest is to clear a space. To quest is to honor a fallow time in our spiritual lives, an emptiness into which something utterly new and generative might enter. It is to create an open vessel capable of being filled to overflowing by the sacred Other”  Bill Plotkin


A vision quest is an ancient rite of dying, passing through, and being reborn. Normally it involves a three day, three night fast, alone, in a place of natural power. What I am offering is a shorter version of this with an opportunity for men and women to spend at least eight hours of silence on the mountainside. It will involve a period of preparation which will be conducted with personal contact with me by phone before the event, some time with the group on Saturday morning 21 July and finally a period of several hours on Sunday with the entire group to reflect on the experience and prepare for the return home.


Reasons for doing a vision quest include the following: seeking advice on a major life decision, to celebrate or confirm a path already chosen, seeking direction, seeking courage to forgive oneself or forgive another. Perhaps something is dying in your life and a new phase is waiting to be born.  Wilderness fasts have been a part of human culture for many thousands of years. Fasting helps us see the role that food plays in our life and helps us to focus. Being in one place for a considerable period invites one .to stay with one’s pain and thus find a way through it.


10 people took part in a similar quest last July and their reasons for participating included the following: “ seeking inspiration from mother earth”, “seeking guidance for the next stage of my life” “ desire to connect to a deeper sense of self”  “grow more inwards” “ to find my own vision as I am too busy in life”.


What they said: “I received so much guidance and care,” “I received permission to dare to be different” “, I rediscovered that soft, peaceful light in me and inner space” “I became aware of the amount of anger in me and was able to let some of it go,” “ It was great to have stayed committed to participating in it and I met some wonderful people” “. I learned to value myself more”.

Participants would need to be comfortable with being outdoors for a considerable period, be reasonably comfortable with silence and aloneness, have a moderate level of fitness and be willing to spend some time preparing for the event.


The group will meet at 10 am at the  Benwiskin Centre, Co. Sligo. After a short introduction, they will travel to the nearby Eagles Rock area. Time will be given to helping people slow down and acclimatise to the beautiful surrounding and to get a feel for the place which will host them for the rest of the day.


At 1 pm participants will be invited to go out onto the mountain and find a place where they can settle alone for the rest of the day without radio, phone, books or food. We will meet again at 9pm but will continue fasting until breakfast on Sunday. Accommodation is available in Benwiskin if booked in advance, or people may make other arrangements. Sunday morning will centre on reflecting on the experience and integrating it into our lives.


 I would like to finalise places by June 7th.. It is important that those who feel drawn to accept this challenge contact me with their questions and if they commit to taking part after we have had a chat then serious preparation can begin. This will involve some reading, formulating a sacred intention, and a little fasting and walking.


 You may want to reserve a place in the Benwiskin Centre (0719176721) [email protected] .Early booking is advised as places in the centre tend to be limited at this time of the year. People may opt for other options including bringing ones own tent.


Numbers will be limited to 10. Please contact me if you require more information. To secure a place please send a deposit of 30 euro to Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co Sligo on or before Friday June 7th