Vision Quest in Co. Leitrim


Date:: Sat 17 July 10am- Sunday 18 Jul 1pm

Booking : Peter Devlin 086-3663276 or [email protected]

Cost: 90 euro) – excluding accommodation

Meeting point: Benwiskin centre, Ballintrillick, North Sligo

CPD: 16 hours

Hi friends, hope you are well and enjoying the long days and short nights. I am writing to say that the dates for the vision quest have changed slightly, beginning on Friday 17th July at 10am.and ending Sat 18th at 1pm. The final date for booking is now Monday 20th July.

There are still 3 places available and this change of date might suit someone who was unable to come. I also enclose some reflection from the late John O Donoghue. A new beautiful gem of a book has been published recently entitled “ Walking on the Pastures of Wonder”—John O Donohue in conversation with John Quinn.

This quotation is taken from page 38 and seems one which may inspire you to seek some time on the mountain in prayer. The vision quest will assist that in providing company and solidarity. Give it some thought please.



“To enact a vision quest is to clear a space. To quest is to honour a fallow time in our spiritual lives, an emptiness into which something utterly new and generative might enter. It is to create an open vessel capable of being filled to overflowing by the sacred Other”

Bill Plotkin


A vision quest is an ancient rite of dying, passing through, and being reborn. Normally it involves at least three day, three nights fasting, alone, in a place of natural power. What I am offering is a shorter version of this with an opportunity for men and women to spend at least eight hours of silence on the mountainside.



The group will spend Saturday morning 18th July together preparing for the solo time, and then they will be invited to go out on the mountain and choose a place to spend the next 8 hours in silence and fasting until 9pm. They will then meet briefly before retiring for the night in silence and fasting. The fast will end with breakfast at 8am on Sunday. Participants can book individually into the Benwiskin Centre; I have reserved several places…


Sunday will be taken up helping people to integrate their learning and experience. This can be a powerful time of celebrating the achievement of doing a Vision Quest, being really listened to and receiving guidance on ways of incorporating the vision into everyday life. This will take place in a different environment.


Reasons for doing a vision quest include the following: seeking advice on a major life decision, to celebrate or confirm a path already chosen, seeking direction, seeking courage to forgive oneself or forgive another. Perhaps something is dying in your life and a new phase is waiting to be born. Wilderness fasts have been a part of human culture for many thousands of years. Fasting helps us see the role that food plays in our life and helps us appreciate that there are other forms of food. Being in one place for a considerable period invites one to stay with one’s pain and thus find a way through it.


Previous participants expressed the following reasons for taking part in the quest: “a desire to continue on my spiritual journey,” “availing of something which came from another tradition and yet is local,” and “time to figure out my life purpose”. “ I have been on my own vision quest for some time now”  “ the knowledge that I need to be connected to what I am and to what I what I will be returning to after this human experience has come to an end”



Feedback included the following: “really valued the guidance and the sense of companionship on the journey” “I feel fed and nourished” “Being able to re-cognise God as the Almighty and resume my place as a human being” “was so good to take the time and trust the experience”,” the surprises that life throws at you” “my fear of lack of sustenance was totally infounded, as I did not experience any discomfort. I felt that I stepped into a different reality, grounded in nature.”



Participants would need to be comfortable with being outdoors for a considerable period, be reasonably comfortable with silence and aloneness, have a moderate level of fitness and be willing to spend some time preparing for the event. Past participants can profitably repeat the event.


It will involve a period of preparation which will be conducted with personal contact with me by phone before the event, completion of a form indicating your reasons for taking part and suggested reading material will be given.


If interested please apply by e mail stating your reasons for engaging in such an adventure, and I will send you an application form and arrange to talk to you or meet up. I would like to have definite numbers finalised by 10 July. If you need more information please call me or e mail. Since numbers are limited and hostel spaces tend to fill up quickly, I would advise you to apply as soon as possible. This will enable us to complete the requirements before July 10 2015.



 To secure a place please contact Peter and send a deposit of 60 euro to Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co. Sligo  Full deposit is refundable up until July 10.





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