Using our inner resources to heal our deep wounds

We all share a need to belong and even the least self aware person realizes that we contribute to our own pain because of our way of being in the world. Sometimes we blame others or life but at some level we know that we contribute to our own troubles.

In his brilliant book “Wild Mind” Bill Plotkin outlines his Nature Based Map of the Human Psyche where he suggests a way of exploring our great resources and our undeveloped parts. He terms our hidden resources the four facets of the self, or the four dimensions of our innate human wholeness. He notes that wisdom traditions from around the world have looked to nature’s seven directions for a model of wholeness: north, south, east, west, up, down, and centre. He contends that the four cardinal directions are the four facets of our innate human potential, and that they also reflect the qualities of the natural world which we observe in the four seasons  and the four times of the day, dawn, noon, evening and night.

Wholing is the foundation for true healing he tells us and he wonders if common difficulties that humankind experience, such as anxiety, depression, phobias and personality disorders are not necessarily problems in themselves “perhaps we exhibit psychological symptoms not so much because we’re disordered but because we’re deficient in an embodiment of wellness or wholeness” He suggests that the way forward is to cultivate our human wholeness and learn to embrace our fragmented sub-personalities that are created during childhood.

. I plan to devote eight days during 2017, two consecutive ones each season to explore Plotkin’s intrapersonal view of the self and the subpersonalities. During these days spent mainly in the outdoors we will help identify your innate inner resources and use these in healing your deep wounds. Participants will be introduced to  practices and given time to experience them, practices  which they can continue to do in the pursuit of their healing and wholeness.


Details and Dates:

Sat.25 March 10am-5 pm, Sunday 26 March 9am-4pm

Sat 13 May: 10am-5pm, Sunday 14 May:: 9am-4pm,

Sat September 23 10am-5pm   Sunday 24 Sept:  9am-4pm,

Sat. Nov: 18   10am-5pm.  Sunday 19 Nov: 9am-4pm.


Venue:  North Sligo area.  The sessions will be conducted in beautiful wild areas of North Sligo. In the advent of terrible weather conditions, we will have a plan B.

Please contact Peter for further details by e mail : [email protected] or 086 3663276.  Numbers will be limited to 8. While maximum value will be achieved by doing all 8 days,it is possible to do two or more. There will be a special price for the package of 8. An article on this material is included in January’s edition of Network.



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