Training & Soul Events

“Contact with the natural environment can be powerfully restorative to our well being. Prisoners who can look out of their cells get sick less often and patients in hospitals recover more quickly when their view is greenery rather than concrete. In developing a context that supports us in working for our world, we need to include contact with nature”                 (Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone)


Peter-Devlin_Soul-DaysFriday Oct 4th- Sunday 6th Oct

Working therapeutically in the outdoors. This 3 day and 2 night course is designed for those counsellors/ psychotherapist/ psychologists and health professionals who already do some outdoor work or would like to begin working in nature with their clients. The workshop will explore reasons for doing so, examining the practical implications and and focus on particular ways to utilise natural spaces to enhance healing, new life and growth for our clients.

Most of the work will be outdoors in the North sligo area and accommodation will be in the Benwiskin Centre. Numbers will be limited to 8.

More details including cost and an application form will be available later.