The skill of Focusing-Introduction and The Next Stage

Focusing Level Two

Date: 19th and 20th January 2019

Time: 10am-4pm

Venue: Holy Hill Hermitage, Skreen Co.Sligo

Cost:  €140

CPD: 12 hours

Facilitated by Peter Devlin

Hi all Focusers,

Hope you are continuing the skill of Focusing and finding it helpful. If you continue to practice and are interested in developing the skill, I would like to invite you to this weekend of training. Set in the beautiful environment of Holy Hill Hermitage, Skreen Co.Sligo. Participants will be invited to refresh the basic skills and by Sunday evening will have learned how to listen to another and to listen to themselves using several steps.

You will be guided through these steps and have an opportunity to practice in two’s, to listen to another and to have yourself listened to by another. Your questions and difficulties will be addressed as we go through the two days. There will also be an opportunity to do some focusing in the outdoors weather permitting.

Tea and coffee will be provided, please bring your lunch. To secure your place, please send a non-refundable deposit of 60 euro to Peter Devlin Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co Sligo by Monday 7th of January.


Introduction to Focusing…Finding the Wisdom Within

Date: 9th and 10th February 2019

Time: 10am-4pm

Venue: Holy Hill Hermitage, Skreen, Co.Sligo

CPD: 12 hours

Cost: €140

Deposit of €60 due by January 25th 2019

Facilitated by Peter Devlin

This weekend course will provide an introduction to the skills of focusing where you will learn how to pay attention to the wisdom of your body. Inner wisdom and emotional healing are two of the most important results of this skill. Focusing teaches us to trust our inner authority offering an alternative to the long learned habit of looking to outer authority for direction.

This skill helps us to understand our body’s sensations, some of which are familiar and yet hard to pin down. Decision making, dream understanding are two of the many other benefits of knowing how to focus. Focusing can be used to address a wide array of issues. When we feel upset and agitated, we typically turn to our intellect to solve the problem. This works well… until it doesn’t. Life’s toughest problems, especially those involving emotions and other people, can’t be solved this way. Do you feel stuck? Like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked? It’s not that there’s something wrong with you, it’s that the way our culture is set up leaves us cut off from our bodies, a powerful source of wisdom.

Previous workshop participants have said…

“It really helped me to be with my grief.”

“I find the practicing of focusing amazing.”

“For me the skill of focusing is to listen to my gut and puts structure on a simple but powerful process. I’ve been using it alongside mediation as a way of getting a sense of where thing are at and teasing out things I am not sure about.”

“For over 40 years I listened to my head and became accustomed to thinking in a particular way. Focusing is so completely different. It centres me. It provides the opportunity to listen to the quiet whisper that can simply drown out the louder, shouting voice in my head. I have learned that the whisper is me, the true me.”

“Through focusing I have discovered, deep within myself, a well of peace and calmness where I go to re-energize and get perspective.”

For further information about focusing, follow this link:

Teas and coffees will be provided but bring lunch with you to the workshop.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or any other issues that you wish addressed on the weekend.









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