suffering and joy



Good Friday 2014 was a very memorable for those of us who spent from 10 am to 3 pm walking the gleniff horseshoe, Ballintrillick, Co. Sligo.reflecting on suffering and hope in our lives.The event included silence, sharing ritual, a death- rebirth experience and a ritual of letting go. The sun shone brightly and nature conspired with the tehme of suffering to ensure that participants could see a lamb being born. Covered in blood and afterbirth it soon was looking for milk.


Some of what participants shared included the following

“the first time i ever saw a lamb being born” ” gratitude and belonging, ” “a day of awe and wonder”, “really helped me to use my suffering and let go of something i have been carrying for years”


Easter Sunday 2014


12 people including children met at 5.45 on Streeetagh Beach to prepare and experience the sun rise. it was a remarkable life giving experience. participants  walked in an Eastern direction, sat on the sand dunes and watched the sun arise at 6.30, watched in silence and then shared. we ccontinued in a southern direction, then headed northwards and finally to the west. each direction has somethingto say to us about living and we as usual nature presented a few interesting scenes.

what they said ” my first time to witness the sun rise on the day we celebrate the son rising” ” my normal fear of dogs evaporated” ” it is so important to look in the right direction in order to see the sun rise. i wish politicans would assist the people to look in an Eastern direction rather than to Sligo County Council  to explain the strange decision regarding rights of way through the Lisadell Estate”. ” an uplifting experience”

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