SPRING–A new beginning for our healing

SAT AND SUNDAY 25&26 March 2017




The breeze at dawn has something to tell you,

Don’t go back to sleep,

You must ask for what you really want.

Don’t go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the door sill

Where the two worlds touch

The door is round and open.


Further to my last e mail concerning the days I intend to present on the four innate dimensions of human wholeness, I am now writing to summarise the first two day event focusing on the East facet.


This aspect of a well developed self is characterised by innocence, lightheartedness, and extroversion. When we lack these qualities, it can leave us as humourless, stress-filled, heavy and dull. Arrested development, social isolation, ruined relationships, missed opportunities are part of the underdeveloped part of this dimension of self.


However wholeness tells us that embracing brokedness is an integral part of life. Overwhelming emotions and intolerable situations we can experience as children manifest in adult life in the form of addictions and inability to stay with the suffering which normal life presents us with. Saturday will be devoted to exploring ways to develop and become aware of the great resources which lie within us.


On Sunday we will begin to embrace our darker side from this wholeness. We will be offered ways of using and cultivating our resources to begin to replace old routines with more healthy ways of being, positive habits of presence, self -encounter and mature action.


Weather permitting both days will be conducted in the outdoors, enjoying the mountains and ocean of this beautiful environment. Wilderness informs us that wholeness is not about perfection. Both days will include input, solo time, and an opportunity to share when apropriate. The exercises we do can be then used to practice and continue to use when at home. Confidentiality is stressed and we will take solace that we are not alone in our human condition.


PLEASE DRESS IN SEVERAL LAYERS INCLUDING WATERPROOF CLOTHING AND GOOD BOOTS. Please include lunch, a hot drink, a watch, notebook and pen in your ruck sack.


I include a booking form which you might use to book a place before Monday 20 March. I include a reminder of the pricing scheme. However if you have a problem with money please contact me and we can arrange a fee you can afford.



Details and Dates:

Sat. 25 March 10am-5 pm, Sunday 26 March 9am-4

Sat 13 May: 10am-5pm, Sunday 14 May: 9am-4pm

Sat September 23 10am-5pm   Sunday 24 Sept:  9am-4pm,

Sat. Nov: 18   10am-5pm.  Sunday 19 Nov: 9am-4pm.


Venue:  North Sligo area.  The sessions will be conducted in beautiful wild areas of North Sligo. In the advent of terrible weather conditions, we will have a plan B.

Please contact Peter for further details by e mail peterjdevlin @gmail.com or 086 3663276.  Numbers will be limited to 8. While maximum value will be achieved by doing all 8 days, it is possible to do two or more. There will be a special price for the package of 8. An article on this material is published in January’s edition of Network.

Prices: one day 70 euro Deposit of 20 euro, 2 days 120 with deposit of 30 and 8 days 450 with deposit of 60 to secure a place.






Sat/ Sunday March 25&26:  The East Facet of Self

Sat/Sunday April 8 & 9:  An Introduction to Focusing:  Bairbre Meehan and Peter Devlin

Sat/Sunday May: 13 & 14       10am-4pm

Tues evening 8 Aug. to Sunday 1pm 13 August   Gifts and Wounds of Our Ancestral Inheritance

Sat /Sunday 23&24 September:  The West Facet of Self

Sat/ Sunday 18 & 19 November:  The South Facet of Self



Information will follow on the various events but in the meantime, for further details please use my new  email  [email protected] or call 0863663276. Webpage  peterdevlin.ie







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