Soul Days and Training Events 2015


Hi all

I hope the early days of 2015 find you well and enjoying a new beginning. I am enclosing some details of my plans in relation to soul days for the coming year. I begin this year with a new indoor venture, a series of six mornings where I hope to discuss what we understand by the title ‘Soul’ and to facilitate participants in listening to this shy and powerful unique aspect of us as people.


The series of outdoor soul days include events to help us celebrate the Easter story in our lives, a training for therapists who would like to take their work out of doors, a two day Vision Quest, and a Dreams Workshop.


During 2014 as planned I facilitated four days on what Bill Plotkin describes as the  Four Facets of Self, which coincide with the four cardinal directions, four seasons of the year and the four main parts of the day.  I spaced these days to coincide with the particular season with which they are aligned.


Plotkin refers to these Facets as hidden resources and describes how to cultivate these aspects of ourselves. “Wholing is the foundation for true healing” he tells us and

he wonders if common difficulties that humankind experiences, such as anxiety, depression, phobias and personality disorders are not necessarily problems in themselves. “Perhaps we exhibit psychological symptoms not so much because we’re disordered but because we’re deficient in our embodiment of wellness, health or wholeness.”


This year I intend to explore the gifts of our subpersonalities, and to see that each one  represents a wounded or immature version of the facet of the Self associated with the same cardinal direction. Plotkin challenges us to approach our weaknesses and wounds with an awareness of our strengths. He adds “The more in-depth healing occurs when we learn to embrace our fragmentedness from our own wholeness.”



A note on Bill Plotkin:  Bill is the founder of the Animus Valley Institute and the author of “Soul Craft”, “Nature and the Human Soul”, and “Wild Mind”.  His work is an attempt among other things to help us to be a human being in relationship to the natural world. Meaning of life, soul and spirituality are some of the areas he addresses. Personally I find his work inspirational, informative and full of hope and recommend his publications to those who are searching for meaning and direction in this and uncertain world.




Cost per day is 50 euro, but sliding scale can be applied.  No-one will be turned away because of cost.

The Vision Quest and Therapist Training for Outdoor work have a different fee structure.



In order to facilitate planning, the one day events need to be booked at least one week in advance. Please see details re. Vision Quest and Outdoor Training booking dates.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information on 086-3663276 or at [email protected].  More details for each event will be sent out closer to the date.  All the above events will take place outdoors except the Soul Listening course which takes place in St. Michaels Family Life Centre, Sligo. In the event of adverse weather conditions, we will use a large shed or polytunnel for shelter. Please wear layers of clothing and waterproof gear.



Please note that I am available to do a course in your area if you have a group or sufficient interested people.

I would like to thank all those who participate in the days and/or send notes of interest. If you know anyone who would like to be on my mailing list, please pass on their name/email. I intend this year to send out occasional blogs addressing various themes. If you are no longer interested in receiving emails, please let me know and I will delete your name from the list.


Thank you sincerely for reading this material and I look forward to sharing some of our journey together in the year ahead.

























Listening to the Voice of your soul

Six Monday mornings in St. Michael’s Family Life Sligo. 10am –12 noon. January 26 – March 2nd. 10 places. 80 euro Book directly with the centre 0719170329


Good Friday 3rd April 10am-2pm

A six mile slow walk around the Gleniff Horseshoe feeling our pain and inviting the healing power of nature to heal.


Easter Sunday 5th April 7am-9am greeting the dawn on Streedagh Beach, celebrating new life and being in touch with our wholeness.


Working as therapists in the outdoors.

May Friday 8th    6pm – Sunday 10th May 4pm.

This training and exploration will examine some of the practical implications inherent in taking therapy outdoors, and focus on particular ways of utilising natural spaces to enhance healing, new life and growth for our clients. It will explore the use of ritual and the prospect of nature being the primary therapist. Cost 190 euro (excluding accommodation),  Final date to secure a place 5th April.


Vision Quest

Saturday 18th July 10am-Sunday 19th  3pm   A two day challenging and deeply rewarding event which facilitates a deep inner search  including major life changes and decisions.. It includes 8 hours alone on the mountainside, and a 24 hour fast. Cost 90 euro (excluding accommodation)

Final date to secure a place 4th July.


Dreams – Messages from your Soul

 Sunday October 11th   10am-4.30pm.   Our dreams are sources of wisdom and guidance, they come to us in the service of health and wholeness. In this experiential event participants will be learning a powerful way of working with their dreams, one which they can use with confidence and clarity.




The Sub Personalities-  wounded aspects of our Psyches


Sunday 22nd March. 10am.-4.30pm.   East.: Escapist and Addicts try to keep us safe through evasion. Distressing challenges and responsibilities are sidestepped, painful emotions and circumstances are avoided.

Sunday June 7th 10am-5 pm   South : Wounded Children try to keep us safe by attempting to get our basic needs met. They do this by appearing to be in need of rescue, being harmless and socially acceptable; or by being aggressive, arrogant or condescending.

Sunday September 13th   10am – 5pm. West-  The Shadow and Shadow Selves try to keep us safe through repression of our characteristics and desires that are unacceptable or inconceivable to our Ego.  Plotkin describes the Shadow as what we don’t know about ourselves and, if accused of it, we would adamantly and sincerely deny it.

Sunday 15th November 10am-4.30. North:   what keeps us small and safe thus living a life which does no justice to our gifts and talents? Inner Critics, Rescuers, Pleasers and Codependents belong in this group.





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