Soul Days and Training Events 2014

Soul Days and Training Events 2014

“Embracing nature and soul as our wisest and most trustworthy guides” (Bill Plotkin)


Cultivating and Exploring the East Facet of Self.
Sunday 30 March 10am-4.30 pm This day will facilitate the search within us for the innocent, wise, clear-minded, light hearted, wily and extroverted parts of us. What might be beginning in our lives?
Cultivating and Exploring the South Facet of Self.
Sunday June 8th 10am-5 pm Being at home in the human body, and in the more-than-human world. A day to experience our human wildness and our kinship with all species and habitats. We are as natural as any plant or flower or river.
Cultivating and Exploring the West Facet of Self
Sunday 21 September 10am – 5pm Inviting us to be more in touch with our Soul. A day facilitating the participant in dying to our old ways while giving birth to the never-before-seen.
Cultivating and Exploring The North Facet of Self.
Sunday 30 November 10am-4pm This Dimension of Self is known as the Nurturing Generative Adult. It informs our ability to care for ourselves and others. It is embodied in many familiar activities including: parenting, teaching, healing, feeding and listening.

Good Friday 18th April 10am-2pm
A six mile slow walk around the Gleniff Horseshoe allowing nature to transform our pain.
Easter Sunday 20th April 7am-9am Greeting the dawn on Streedagh Beach, celebrating new life and welcoming what is coming to life in us at this time of our lives.

Working as therapists in the outdoors.
Friday 16th 1pm – Sunday 18th May 4pm.
This training and exploration will examine some of the practical implications inherent in taking therapy outdoors, and focus on particular ways of utilising natural spaces to enhance healing, new life and growth for our clients. Allowing nature to be the primary therapist or guide is an interesting experience.

Vision Quest
Saturday 5th July 10am-Sunday 7th 3pm A two day challenging and deeply rewarding event which facilitates a deep inner search in the service of our soul’s task in this life and how we might facilitate it. It includes 8 hours alone on the mountainside, and a 24 hour fast.

Our Dreams
Saturday October 11th 10am-4pm Our dreams are sources of well being, health, and a way of connecting to our soul. In this experiential event participants will be learning a very powerful way of working with their dreams using their body sense.

Notes on The Four Facets of Self

Bill Plotkin in his book ‘Wild Mind’ identifies our hidden resources, which he names ‘The Four Facets of the Self’. He describes how to cultivate these four facets, and discover the gifts of our sub-personalities.
He wonders if common difficulties that humankind experiences, such as anxiety, depression, phobias and personality disorders are not necessarily problems in themselves. “Perhaps we exhibit psychological symptoms not so much because we’re disordered but because we’re deficient in our embodiment of wellness, health or wholeness.”
I hope to facilitate four days on these Four Facets of Self, which coincide with the four cardinal directions, four seasons of the year and the four main parts of the day. I have spaced these days to coincide with the particular season with which they are aligned.

Cost per day is 50 euro, but a sliding scale will be in use. No-one will be turned away because of cost.
The Vision Quest and Therapist Training for Outdoor work have a different fee structure.

In order to facilitate planning, the one day events need to be booked at least one week in advance, and the Vision Quest two weeks in advance. The closing date for booking the Therapist Outdoor Training is April 17th 2014

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information on 086-3663276 or at [email protected] More details for each event will be sent out closer to the date. All the above events will take place outdoors; in the event of adverse weather conditions, we will use a large shed or polytunnel for shelter. Please wear layers of clothing and waterproof gear.

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