Listening to Our Ancestor’s Stories (Retreat)


just a short note to say that I have extended the early bird fee (630 Euro)  for the upcoming 5 day residential Ancestor Retreat in Sept. 2018, on Achill Island. This fee includes accommodation, guides fee and delicious home cooked food. There are still a few places available. Please feel free to spread the word and if you are interested, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and enjoy these sunny days!


Listening to our Ancestor’s Stories

Accessing the gifts and healing the wounds of our inheritance
Tue. Sep. 11th. Evening – Sun.16th. 2018 till 1pm,  Achill Island, Co. Mayo
Guides: Peter Devlin with Sheila McHugh

Humanity is built on the bedrock of our desire to belong. That we are part of a particular family and family tree is an indisputable fact. How we are in this world, how we live, how we react to the events which life presents us with, and rear our children, is no doubt deeply influenced by the family and tradition we come from.

During the retreat we will seek to explore our ancestral inheritance, and inform us as to how the lives of those who have gone before us shape the way we live today. It will help us find our place in our ancestral family.




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