Information to Reflect on

Dear Reader,

I would like to recommend an excellent book by Mark Wolynn entitled:
‘It didn’t start with you’ – How inherited family trauma shapes who we are and how to end this cycle.

The following are some quotes from this book, that you may find useful as you reflect on the gifts and wounds of your ancestors.

  • Sometimes pain submerges until it can find a pathway of expression or resolution.
  • Studies performed on offspring, for example, have shown that traumas, such as the stress of maternal separation causes gene expression that can be traced for three generations.
  • When I work with families in my practice, I often see recurring patterns of illness, depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, and financial hardship, and always feel compelled to look deeper.
  • The notion that we inherit and ‘re-live’ aspects of family trauma has been subject of many books by the renowned Germany psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. Hellinger teaches that we share a family consciousness with our biological family members that come before us.
  • The vast reservoir of our unconscious appears to hold not only traumatic memories, but also the unresolved traumatic experiences of our ancestors.



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