I am enough, you know!

I am enough, you know!

UK study: Calls place modest fifth in phone time use

Dear Reader

Michael Singer was recently giving a presentation on a Sound True Production. And what he was saying about the mind being a beautiful and at the same time a dangerous thing really struck me. Essentially we humans have beautiful minds. Beautiful precious inner lives, which we keep well hidden at times.  It is generally the outer self one sees, a self often times well masked, manufactured and made up. In a desperate attempt to comfort and fit in and to impress the other.

My 11 year old son bought his first phone recently. He was probably one of the last of his lass to get a phone. The importance of connection and friendship and not being the odd one out, clinched for us the deal as parents.

In handing the phone to him, my prayer was, that this phone be used to develop and nurture healthy friendships, to encourage and affirm people and to spread good news, joy and laughter.

My hope was, that it would not be used as a means to desperately plea, that ‘I am good enough’. The mind can be a dangerous thing. It can construct, construe and convince me that I am not good enough, people do not like me. I need lots of followers, fans, approval and acceptance.

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