Healing and Wholing 13th and 14th May 2017

Re  Wilding ourselves in the pursuit of healing and wholeness—-The South Facet of Self

I want to attract you, want to be with you, care for you

Draw you, energise you, follow you, give to you

Heal you, inspire you, join you, keep you

Love you, marry you, nurture you, offer you

Play with you, quieten you, rest in you sense you

Thank you, understand you, walk with you    ( Joey Gribben)


The poet sums up the essence of these two days out on the land, time spent finding ways to come back to our true self, gifting us with an opportunity to fully feel, own and express our emotions. A time to experience the sacredness of this world, and our unconditional belonging to the greater Universe. An experience of being viewed and talked to by our environment, invited to receive the gifts outlined in this poem.


On Saturday participants will be facilitated in making contact with their innate resources and experiencing ways of cultivating these powerful allies which exist in each of us. Despite the culture we live in, all emotions including anger, fear, sadness and joy are healthy and necessary if we are to be fully human. Each of them tell us something about ourselves, our values have been disturbed, we need to pay attention to something, we have lost something or someone precious, our particular experience feels really good.


How does the emotion feel on our body? Can I allow it to be expressed and felt? Might I use sound, movement, gesture or posture to fully honour it?


I marvel at times when I am out with my dog, how it gives me a license so to speak to speak to “strangers”, I might engage with a comment on their beautiful dog or vice versa. Isn’t is sad that we humans very often ignore one another and perhaps comment on their dog. Sometimes I want to say “sure you are a beautiful human and I am okay as well”

Out in the wilds of North Sligo we are likely to be in awe of the beautiful mountain range and the wild rugged ravishing Atlantic coast line. What about taking time to experience the magic of being human, and receiving the awe and appreciation  which the other than human have for us. In communion with the world through eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin we can become aware of our own magic and mystery.


On Sunday we will explore how failure to own, feel and express these emotions result in us acting out in immature, irresponsible and unhealthy ways. For example when a person is unable to acknowledge his or her hurt, they can become the “victim” and blame the world for their misfortune hoping that someone will come to their rescue.

Dominated by our wounded self, we can become self-centred, self- centred and depressive. When we manage our emotions as opposed to expressing them the road is open to depression. Emotion not felt prevents the flow of life, in fact when we feel bad, sad , mad or glad , we need to feel more rather less.


During this day there will be ample time for input, time alone to experience ways of availing of nature’s assistance with guidelines and  timev to share . The power of ritual and ceremony will be in evidence as we tune into Nature as Guide.


Requirements for the day include a willingness to get out there into the wild, away from our comfort zone and a hunger to cultivate our gifts, and the

honesty to seek healing. On a practical level, please ring a lunch, a hot drink, dress in layers and have waterproof clothing in your rucksack. A journal and pen is essential.



Venue: We will gather in my polytunnel (directions will follow booking) to begin the day and receive input on the four facets of the Self and how these days fit in.The remainder of Saturday will be spent weather permitting on the slopes of Ben Bulben, Sunday on Cliffoney Beach.


It is possible to do only one day though maximum value will be derived by attending both days.


Saturday 13 May 10 am-5pm, Sunday 14 May 9am-4pm

Cost 70 euro per day or 120 for both days.


To secure a place please send a deposit of 30 euro to Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co. Sligo before May 9th.

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