Gifts and Wounds of Our Ancestors




 Date:                  Sunday November 13 2016

Time:                  10am–  5pm.


Venue:         The Star of the Sea Conference Centre, Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo

Cost:            60 euros

CPD hours:          7 hours

Booking:             Contact Peter: 086 3663276 or [email protected]


To secure a place, please send a deposit of 20 euro by Thur. 10 November to

Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co. Sligo.


This will help you to commit and facilitate me in finalising the numbers.



We all long to belong and as we grow older I think most of us become more interested in our ancestors and their stories because we experience our own mortality and know that we are deeply influenced by them . Last August I was involved with a five day programme on Ancestral Heritage here in North Sligo. It was a powerful soulful and uplifting experience. For me it gave me a great awareness of how the lives of my ancestors inform my living and equipped me with some new tools to enhance my healing This short soul day in Mullaghmore offers you an opportunity to taste the power of ancestral work. Participants will be guided in ways of experiencing how our ancestors have the power to influence our emotions and how we think of ourselves. In the Catholic tradition November is a month where we are encouraged to pray for our dead relatives, and we have days to celebrate All Saints and All Souls. This will be a day to celebrate our ancestors whether they are saints or not!!!


It will be a day which will help unlock memories, a gift to them and to us as we continue our journey into wholeness. We will be based in the comfort of the centre but weather permitting, we will have time to wander around the “head”, or the beaches of Mullaghmore and Cliffoney engaging with these souls, embodying them in story, movement and images.


The day will include time to listen to the stories of our ancestors which take on a new life when shared, time to share a lunch with food which formed part of our diet growing up, and a closing ritual which will help integrate the fruit of our day.


Please give this day some thought, and do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information. I would like to speak to participants by phone before the event with some ideas as to how to prepare. Early booking will facilitate this process.  It is hoped to repeat the August event in 2017, and this day will provide a good taster.




Please dress in several layers and bring waterproof jacket and trousers

and walking boots.  Essential to the day will be a journal or notebook, a

pen and some lunch including food which was eaten at home in your childhood.



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