Focusing – Finding the Wisdom Within

When: Sat. 26./ Sun. 27th. May 2018
Time:  10 – 4pm
Cost:  140 Euro

How often have you said ‘I know I should have listened to myself’ … but didn’t?  Most of us don’t know how to tune into those subtle, vague, mysterious, irrational ‘gut’ feelings that are hard to pin down and describe … let alone, understand. Focusing is a gentle yet powerful process of inner knowing.  It invites us to pay attention to body feelings and learn from them.

This weekend course will provide an introduction to the skills of focusing, which will help you gain clarity, peace of mind and peace of body.  Inner wisdom and emotional healing are two of the most important results of this skill.

If you are looking for a way to guide your life from the inside, to find a way of knowing what is right for you, without always having to look to outer authority or to other people’s opinions, then this workshop will be most welcome to you.

Previous workshop participants have said …

‘Focusing is connecting with my deepest truest self.  Now that I am learning to trust the process, I am discovering the wisdom that lies within. I had no idea this wisdom existed, or that I could access it so simply. It is like exploring a new world, within myself. I don’t have to fully understand it to know that the process of focusing helps me to change from the inside. I feel I’ve been handed a tool to make me healthier happier and more alive.’

‘For me the skill of focusing is listening to my gut and puts structure on a simple but powerful process. I’ve been using it alongside meditation as a way of getting a sense of where things are at and teasing out things I am not sure about.’

 ‘For over 40 years I listened to my head and became accustomed to thinking in a particular way.  Focusing is so completely different.  It centres me.  It provides the opportunity to listen to the quiet whisper that can simply drown out the louder, shouting voice in my head.  I have learned that the whisper is me, the true me.’

 ‘Through focusing I have discovered, deep within myself, a well of peace and calmness where I go to re-energize and get perspective.’

To learn more about focusing, follow this link:

All workshop participants are invited, on completion of the two days, to join our Sligo focusing group, which meets monthly to support each other and establish focusing as a way of life.



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Places are limited due to the nature of the workshop. To secure a place, please forward a 50% deposit with booking form before May 4th, to either:

Therese Ryan
Innovation Centre at IT Sligo
Ash Lane
Co Sligo
F91 YW50

086 3230197

Peter Devlin
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Email: [email protected]



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