Death-Rebirth Experience


Starts: 10am
Finishes: 3pm approx
Meeting point: Gleniff Horseshoe Mill
Directions: Travelling from Cliffoney towards Bundoran, turn right at
Gorevan’s pub and travel 3.1 miles uphill to Horseshoe Mill.

Hi fellow travellers, I have just returned from walking the horseshoe in preparation for our annual Good Friday experience. I am amazed at how invigorated and energised I feel despite the theme of death and letting go which I have chosen to explore this year. As Mitch Album reminds us in his best seller, “Tuesdays with Morrow” in order to live fully we must accept the reality of our dying one day.

This year will include a praise walk, a period where we will simply walk in a mindful way as if this was the last time we would walk this earth, a period walking and observing how nature lets go naturally into a new season. Participants will be invited to reflect on what they need to let go of at this stage of their lives. Examples which come to mind as I write include the following: letting go of anger or that which prevents me from expressing my anger, letting go of a grudge which demands so much energy in nursing it, letting go of needing to know the answer, letting go of sadness or allowing tears to flow, letting go of an addiction or pretending I do not have have an addiction, letting go of control or of self doubt.

Towards the end of the walk an opportunity will be provided to help people to experience a ritual of dying to something in this life which no longer serves us well. This might be something you will think about as you prepare for this walk. This letting go ceremony will be complimented by a ritual of new life which we will celebrate on Easter Sunday. (It is not necessary to attend the two events but doing so will enrich your experience significantly.)

We will be walking just over 5 miles together on a circular route around the Gleniff Horseshoe, a beautifully scenic spot. The first mile is uphill, but after that, the walking is easier, and it all takes place on a road surface except for the last part which is relatively.

There will be a stop for refreshments if people want to bring food, although I would encourage those who can, to fast. Sometimes when we fast we realise that there is other food available which is very life giving. Please bring a hot drink and wear warm, waterproof clothing – preferably layers – and comfortable walking shoes. The walk will proceed regardless of weather conditions, so come prepared! April can bring all four seasons in one day…please bring a note book and pencil as there will be opportunities to journal a little.

If you are interested in attending, please let me know by phone (0863663276) or email.

Easter Sunday 2014– Sunrise at Streedagh

The early breeze before dawn
Is the keeper of secrets.
Don’t go back to sleep!
It is time for prayer, it is time to ask for
What you really need.
Don’t go back to sleep!
The door of the One who created the world
Is always open.
Don’t go back to sleep. (Rumi)

Starts: 6am
Finishes 8am approx
Meeting point: Streedagh Beach car park
Directions: Coming from Sligo, turn left in Grange village just after Supervalu
and after about a mile, turn right for Streedagh; follow road right to the end.

This will be a celebration of joy and new life, participants can prepare for this event by reflecting on some of these questions : what is being born in me these days? What gift is dormant in me waiting for an invitation to come alive again? What is bursting to get out?

The morning will begin by a little ritual of coming into life, coming out of the tomb of whatever tends to limit us.

Hopefully we will get a chance to watch a sunrise together, to stand in silence and wait for the dawn, to witness the miracle of a new day. Regardless of the visibility the sun will rise!! We will walk in the four directions, not at the same time of course!!!! Receiving and asking for the gifts each direction has to offer including wisdom, nurture, transformation and the ability to be fully at home in the human body and in the natural world.

We plan to conclude the morning with food and hot drinks. Please bring something for breakfast so that we can prepare the food together and enjoy it as a group. Perhaps five loaves and some fish!!!!!!

Please let me know if you plan to attend and if you would be willing to help out. I really want others to be involved and to know if there are enough people willing to join me at such an early hour. There will be no charge for either event. However if you would like to donate something it will go to Temple St Hospital Your generosity will assist parents who sit daily at the bed side of their sick child.

In the event of atrocious weather there will be a plan B. Call my number on the morning (0863663276) and my voice message will relay the new indoor venue!!

Wear several layers of clothing and be prepared for rain…just in case!


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