Cultivating Our Wholeness — The South Facet Of Self





  Cultivating our wholeness—South Facet of Self.


“In my experience I have found that the wounded part of me is the best thing in me, it is what keeps me sharp, sane, and grounded” (Martin Duffy)





Summer arrives; we live in hope of better weather, heat, relaxation and maybe a holiday. Last June we looked at the great qualities of the South Facet of Self as outlined by Bill Plotkin in his book “Wild Mind”. These included being in touch with the our own natural wildness, being captured by the magic and mystery of each person, animal, insect and each part of creation, fully experiencing and owning our emotions, our place in the world. Living like this helps to cultivate our wholeness.


We do have however our darker side, a side which Bill Plotkin refers to as our sub-personalities. The challenge and gift of this awareness is to learn how to use our powerful and strong parts of our character to embrace the darker sides, in short “the goal in healing is to cultivate the capacity to function from the perspective of your 3-D Ego, which draws freely on the resources of the Self, Soul, and Spirit, and which understands the real needs, deep longings, and protective intentions of your sub personalities” (Plotkin)


We begin this adventure of healing on Clifoney Beach on Sunday June 7, with the backdrop of Mullaghmor cliffs, the roar of the Atlantic Ocean, the multi-faceted life of the adjoining sandunes, and with whatever souls are invited to come along.



As children we find strategies to deal with our particular insecurities. They served us well at that time but often we continue using them as adults in order to get our needs met. Bill Plotkin uses the term Wounded Children to describe the parts of us that are prone to feeling hurt, angry, afraid, sad, guilty, jealous, or ashamed and often act out these feelings in impulsive ways. This manifests as wanting others to meet our basic needs. Examples of this include  conforming to whatever value system seems to fulfill that desire, ( conformists)  needing others to rescue us (poor me syndrome) going against everything just to be defiant, ( always having a cause)  or living a  life where we expect others to serve us and make us centre stage ( I deserve)  Often we can recognize these qualities in others!!!!




Participants will be given help to firstly become aware of their particular wounded part and how it may relate to one of the above wounds and then in this experiential day be given ways to embrace this wound by using their healed and strong aspects of character. In this way we learn to meet our basic need in more mature fashion


The plan of the day includes the following: time to acclimatize to our host for the day, the beautiful scenic area, input and exercises to highlight the qualities associated with the South Facet of the psyche, an opportunity and ways of being with our wounded inner child, validating and feeling fully the emotions needing to be expressed, and finally integrating and celebrating the learnings of the day.




Plotkin reminds us that our inner resources can help us to make many rich discoveries including the following:


  • Discover more of your authentic nature ( your genuine values, desires and attitudes) revealed through your Orphan reactions;
  • Access your deep imagination (your Muse) regarding authentic social roles you might live your way into (in work, love and friendship;
  • Learn mature ways to protect yourself from other people’s immature criticism, rejection, and so on;
  • Learn ways to respond effectively to criticism, to better understand yourself and others and deepen your relationships;
  • Learn and practice anger-management skills and nonviolent communication;
  • Further hone your negotiation skills;
  • Develop your skills at community building; and
  • Take your next steps in cultivating physical, psychological, and spiritual self-reliance.


Date:               Sunday 7 June 2015

Time:               10am-5 pm

Cost:                50euro or whatever you can afford

Booking:          Peter Devlin on 086 3663276 or [email protected]

Venue:             Cliffoney Beach, Co. Sligo

Meeting Point and Directions:  Coming from Sligo, take the N15 in the direction of Bundoran and proceed to the village of Cliffoney. Take the first left turn signposted to Mullaghmore. This turn is just before a pub.  Coming from Donegal, turn right in Cliffoney after the shop and pub. .Travel 0.2 miles until you come to a small parking area on your right.

Deposit:        To secure a place please send a deposit of 20 euro to Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co. Sligo by Friday 29 May (Max 10 places)


Please dress in several layers and bring waterproof jacket and trousers if possible. Good boots will facilitate you in the exploration. A spare pair of socks and a small towel would be useful, as would notebook and pen. Please bring a lunch and a hot drink  Contact me if you need further information.




  1. Just a point of information for anyone in the Dublin area. I will be giving a talk on Outdoor Psychotherapy in The Lantern Centre next Thur May 21 at 7.30pm as part of Soul Seminars.






















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