Cry of a teenager



Cry of a Teenager

I want to belong one cries.
I want to feel to matter to someone.
I do have a life
I want to have a place as well.

To have a friend to be in charge
To take a break from competition
To laugh, cry, moan and chill
To opt, out to wonder, to question

I want some control in this life
I did not ask to be born
I do not want this body
Too many people looking at me

Too many hurdles to cross
Too many people to please
Too many tasks to do
Too many balls to juggle

I want out of this shell
I want to be great, confident
I want friends, family, followers, fun
I want peace, pleasure, not pain.

Too much happening, too many demands
Put downs, possibilities
Put that down, tidy up, eat up
Get up, get out, give, do, be

I need help, happiness, hope
I need friends, followers, faces
I need clothes to cover me up
I need clothes to impress, impersonate

I do have a soul, you know.


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