Soul Gift Retreat

What is your Soul Gift? Your Task in this life.

I will not die an unlived life

I will not live in fear

Of falling or catching fire.

I choose to inhabit my days,

To allow my living to open me,

To make me less afraid,

More accessible;

To loosen my heart

Until it becomes a wing,

A torch, a promise.

I choose to risk my significance,

To live so that which came to me as seed

Goes to the next as blossom,

And that which came to me as blossom,

Goes on as fruit

(Dawna Markova)



Mary Oliver in her poem “The Summer Day” asks us “what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” In another writing she says “This is the first, wildest and wisest thing I know….That the soul exists, and that it is built entirely out of attentiveness”

This weekend retreat held in the beautiful Cliffoney area of North Sligo, seeks to assist us in beginning to be attentive to our beautiful soul, to begin to search with guidance as to what our particular task is in this life is and to consider how we can best facilitate our soul in doing the work it was sent to do.

We will do this with fellow searchers, as we connect with the soul and spirituality of this special area. We all have ways of connecting with soul, for me it is in the outdoors but I will offer guidance in other ways which include delving into our dreams, the art of journaling, the use of art and imagery, and dance.

When we are too busy there is little room for anything new to enter. Stillness is vital to the world of soul. I know that it is quite a challenge to take time away like this, to look again at the path we are on, to spend time reflecting on our purpose in this life. Time spent tuned into our soul is very very precious. None of us want to die an unlived life, we want to inhabit our days and live life to the full.

Venue: The course will take place in a private rented house on the outskirts of Cliffoney.  Basic accommodation will be available in the house. It will be a case of first come first served. Please bring a sleeping bag or whatever bed linen and pillows you require. Participants are free to organise other accommodation.  Other requirements include the following: wet gear, layers of clothing, a flask and lunch box, a head torch and a musical instrument if you have one

Date and Time:     Friday 2 December 7pm. – Sunday 4 Dec 4pm

  Venue:                   Cliffoney Village (Directions at time of Booking)

              Cost:                            195 euros

              Booking:               Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co.                             Sligo.  [email protected]

                To secure a place please send a nonrefundable deposit of 60 euro to Peter before Monday 28 November 2016

C.P.D. Points Awarded

Gifts and Wounds of Our Ancestors




 Date:                  Sunday November 13 2016

Time:                  10am–  5pm.


Venue:         The Star of the Sea Conference Centre, Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo

Cost:            60 euros

CPD hours:          7 hours

Booking:             Contact Peter: 086 3663276 or [email protected]


To secure a place, please send a deposit of 20 euro by Thur. 10 November to

Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co. Sligo.


This will help you to commit and facilitate me in finalising the numbers.



We all long to belong and as we grow older I think most of us become more interested in our ancestors and their stories because we experience our own mortality and know that we are deeply influenced by them . Last August I was involved with a five day programme on Ancestral Heritage here in North Sligo. It was a powerful soulful and uplifting experience. For me it gave me a great awareness of how the lives of my ancestors inform my living and equipped me with some new tools to enhance my healing This short soul day in Mullaghmore offers you an opportunity to taste the power of ancestral work. Participants will be guided in ways of experiencing how our ancestors have the power to influence our emotions and how we think of ourselves. In the Catholic tradition November is a month where we are encouraged to pray for our dead relatives, and we have days to celebrate All Saints and All Souls. This will be a day to celebrate our ancestors whether they are saints or not!!!


It will be a day which will help unlock memories, a gift to them and to us as we continue our journey into wholeness. We will be based in the comfort of the centre but weather permitting, we will have time to wander around the “head”, or the beaches of Mullaghmore and Cliffoney engaging with these souls, embodying them in story, movement and images.


The day will include time to listen to the stories of our ancestors which take on a new life when shared, time to share a lunch with food which formed part of our diet growing up, and a closing ritual which will help integrate the fruit of our day.


Please give this day some thought, and do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information. I would like to speak to participants by phone before the event with some ideas as to how to prepare. Early booking will facilitate this process.  It is hoped to repeat the August event in 2017, and this day will provide a good taster.




Please dress in several layers and bring waterproof jacket and trousers

and walking boots.  Essential to the day will be a journal or notebook, a

pen and some lunch including food which was eaten at home in your childhood.



Dreams – Source of wisdom, healing and guide to soul


Date:                  Sunday October 16th. 2016

Time:                  10am – 4.30pm

Meeting Point:    Henry’s Restaurant car park, 7 miles out the Bundoran

Rd. from Sligo or 1.5 miles south of Grange, at 9.45am.

Cost:                    60 euro or pay what you can afford

CPD hours:          6.5 hours

Booking:             Contact Peter: 086 3663276 or [email protected]

Max. Participants: 8

To secure a place, please send a deposit of 20 euro by Friday. 7th Oct to:

Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co. Sligo.


This will help you to commit and facilitate me in finalising the numbers.


“Dreams seem incomprehensible by nature, nonsensical, an insult to common sense. A dream is not at home in our day time consciousness.”   (Robert Bosnak)


I imagine you can identify with these lines from Bosnak’s “A Little Course on Dreams”. Despite this truth, our dreams continue to intrigue, fascinate, frighten and challenge us. Statements like “I had the rarest dream last night”, “I can make no sense of my dream,”  are very familiar to us.



However in my experience of working with dreams for the past thirty years, they are a powerful means of personal guidance and wisdom.

They facilitate my encounter with soul, and are the soul’s way of inviting me to assist in helping to unfold its task on this earth.


Kathleen Duffy from Castlebar has contributed immensely to the literature we have on dream work by writing a very helpful book “Awaken To The Wisdom Of Your Dreams” She writes  “like a shopkeeper expecting a fresh assortment of goods from the warehouse,  be open for the business of the soul” .I will be saying more about this book on the day.


We all do dream, it is vital for our mental well- being but many people forget they have dreamed, they are so disconnected from them. Dreams come in the service of health and wholeness, they arrive as we sleep and invite us to look at some of the issues in our lives we may not want to face. They come to enhance the quality of our living, to assist us in decision making, to guide us, validate and encourage us.


The aim of this soul event is to give us some tools to understand our dreams, offer us tips in dream recall, explore recurring dreams and nightmares. Participants will be given an opportunity to work a dream, listen to others delve into theirs, and experience how we can use our dreams as a way of praying.


The venue will be outdoors providing weather permits, otherwise we will use an indoor stage.




Please dress in several layers and bring waterproof jacket and trousers

and walking boots.  Essential to the day will be a journal or notebook and

pen.  Bring lunch and a hot drink and if you like, a dream.



Easter Soul Events 2016


Good Friday 25th March 2016 – Gleniff Horseshoe
Time: 10 am-3pm approx
Meeting Point: The Old Mill at the base of the Horseshoe, Ballintrillick

You are very welcome to join me on a Good Friday journey around the beautiful Gleniff Horseshoe – I invite you to create a pocket of space so that you reflect on the cross or crosses in your life.  This will be a slow walk with plenty of resting stops.
Most of us long for joy and happiness.  Sometimes what prevents us from feeling happy is our unwillingness or fear of feeling the other less attractive emotions of fear, sadness, anger, guilt and shame.
Good Friday celebrates and acknowledges these unpleasant emotions and experiences.  The walk will finish with a little ritual of buildig a fire and offering little symbols of our cross to nurture the flame.  It is not necessarily about getting rid of our pain but transforming it…
You might like to bring a snack and hot drink in a back pack – or you may choose to fast.  Please bring raingear! It is Ireland…





Easter Sunday 27th March 2016 – Sunrise at Streedagh Beach
When you properly align attention and intention, you will discover that focusing on joy is not an accident, but a powerful choice that is within your control.”    (Donald Altman: The Joy Compass)

Time: 06:45 ( please note clocks go forward on Saturday night so this will feel like getting up for 5:45!!) until about 9:30

Early Bird: Listen to the birds greet the morning, smell the freshness of the sea air, feel the cold and the comfort of a fire, feast on the natural beauty of this environment, taste a nourishing outdoor breakfast provided by all who attend ( please bring some food to share).
The heart of the event will be to uncover and celebrate the joy deep within us, the joy of being loved and of belonging.

For further information, contact me Peter Devlin by email or on 0863663276.  Children are welcome.
Please let me know if you’re hoping to come to either event so that I can prepare.



Healing the Wounds and Accessing the Gifts of Ancestral Heritage Through Landscape and Deep Imagination

Healing the Wounds and Accessing the Gifts of Ancestral Heritage

Through Landscape and the Deep Imagination

Near the Sea in County Sligo, Ireland

Tuesday evening August 2nd to Sunday, 1 pm, August 7th, 2016.      Residential.

Guides: Peter Scanlan with Peter Devlin


Through genealogy, some find valuable facts about their ancestors. And while this can be an important adjunct to healing ancestral wounds and accessing ancestral gifts, it is not the focus of this intensive. We will invite you to bring whatever factual aspects of your ancestral story that you know and perhaps even to do a bit of research before coming. For some such information is not available. This is not an impediment, as we will be working for the most part with a less tangible aspect of the ancestral story, a different level of “reality”.


During this program, we will enter the House of the Ancestors to track the people and the stories, some known and many unknown, which have shaped our lives, often in mysterious ways. There will be ample opportunity to wander the landscape of the western coast of Ireland listening with the ears of our hearts and imaginations to the ancestral energies, engaging with them, and embodying them in story, movement, and images. Woven between wanders we will use poetry, council, deep imagery, ceremony and dream work to court the Old Ones and sort the threads of our personal and collective stories. Through this process we will seek a deepened self-understanding, find lost heirlooms, and possibly bring a balm to ancient wounds.


These days together of keen listening to what they have to tell us will be a gift to them as well as to us and to each other. For as we embrace the fullness of our personal ancestries, we are able to find the wholeness we want to bring the world, that the world so dearly needs.

Deep in our bones we carry the DNA of ancestral stories that have been passed down to us over many generations. Woven in the shadows of time, the family narrative with all the migrations, celebrations and tragedies, gifts and wounds has formed us in ways often beyond our knowing. These hidden histories haunt us with a kind of longing for what we do not know, for a sense of belonging, a sense of origin and place, a sense of who we most fully are that eludes us. They have the power to influence our emotions, our life decisions, and how we think of ourselves.






$545 USD or Euro equivalant


This includes guide fee and 5 nights accommodation and board.


-Food as Poetry-

Planning and preparing

healthy, delicious meals together is

our way of nurturing community among us


Participants will team up to plan,

purchase food, and prepare meals

in the a full kitchen


Once you know there is space available

A $200 USD or Euro equivalent

nonrefundable deposit will hold your space


For Registration or further information


Peter Devlin: ([email protected])

or phone (086 36 63 2760)


Peter Scanlan: ([email protected])

or phone (01 615 400 6867)

intensive 2

Peter Scanlan was a clinical psychologist in private practice for 34 years in Nashville, Tennessee. He trained with AVI and with School of Lost Borders as a vision quest guide and has been an AVI lead guide for 15 years. He works to facilitate the transformation of personal story into the mytho-poetic story that each of us inhabits. He is dedicated to guiding people to the edge of the deepest mysteries holding sacred space while they plunge into those depths, and then honoring the unique power and truth of the stories that they bring back from those journeys. He brings heart presence and a playful spirit to his work. Website: http:




Often our loneliness and isolation                      

is due to a failure of spiritual imagination.

We forget that there is no such thing

as an empty space.

All space is full of presence,

particularly the presence of those

who are now in eternal invisible form.”

John O’Donohue



Peter Devlin
Peter Devlin

Reclaiming our place in the world

Reclaiming our place in the world

“I think of cancer as a teacher that was not invited, but has come to my house to visit from time to time nonetheless. It sits on my left side whispering insistent questions that I cannot answer but still must explore: Who am I when I stop doing, when I am not a caretaker as my mother was, or a boss as my father was? What have I come here to give? What is unfinished for me to learn, to experience? Am I leaving a legacy that enables others to live bigger lives than I have?…..But you don’t have to be in a life-threatening situation to want to delve into this kind of inquiry. Some of us are called to it by numbness, fatigue, or boredom. Some of us have the sense that we’re not using ourselves to the utmost. Even at their happiest moments, others feel something is missing.”
(from I will not live an unlived life, by Dawna Markova)
In this wonderful book, Dawna Markova explores questions about life and meaning. She reminds us that we can only know our truth when we slow down and be in our own quiet company.
This season of dying called Autumn, and the imminent approach of Winter provide us with such an opportunity. With this in mind, I invite you to spend a day walking, sitting and being on the beautiful golden slopes of Ben Bulben.
In his book ‘Wild Mind’, Bill Plotkin uses the term ‘Loyal Soldiers’ to describe the aspects of our personalities which are formed in early childhood in response to physical, psychological or social wounding or threat. Examples include how we learned to suppress our natural exuberance, emotions and desires so that we could fit in to the expectations of our parents and others. Harsh self-criticism, false self-flattery, placing our own agenda last, suppressing our wildness are some of the ways we learn as children to deal with our environment.
Now is the time to stop and wonder if we are still using some of these methods as adults, methods which served us well as children but as adults restrain us and stunt our wellbeing. This day together can begin the discovery for you and will provide an environment where you can ask questions and receive some guidelines on the way forward in the company of the ‘more than human’ world. The day will include input, time alone, group sharing and experimental work which will inform you as you approach the season of winter, a time to stop and look inward.
In the event of unsuitable weather conditions, an indoor venue will be available. Please dress in several layers and bring a waterproof jacket and trousers if possible. Bring a notebook and pen, and a packed lunch with a hot drink.

Date: Sunday 15th November
Time: 10am-4pm
Cost: 50 euro or whatever you can afford
Booking: Peter Devlin on 086-3663276 or [email protected]
Venue: Slopes of Ben Bulben
Meeting point: car park of Henry’s restaurant on main Sligo-Bundoran Road, 7 miles from Sligo on right hand side,( or 3 miles from Grange on left hand side if coming from Bundoran) at 9:45.
Referring to the harsh winter of the American mid-west, Parker Palmer says: “If you live here long, you learn that a daily walk into the winter world will fortify the spirit by taking you boldly to the very heart of the season you fear.” (Let your life speak)

Dreams – source of wisdom, healing, guide to soul

Dreams – Source of wisdom, healing, guide to soul

Date: Sunday October 11th. 2015
Time: 10am – 4.30pm
Meeting Point: Henry’s Restaurant car park, 7 miles out the Bundoran
Rd. from Sligo or 1.5 miles south of Grange, at 9.45am.
Cost: 50 euro or pay what you can afford
CPD hours: 6.5 hours
Booking: Contact Peter: 086 3663276 or [email protected]
Max. Participants: 8

To secure a place, please send a deposit of 20 euro by Thur. 8th Oct to:
Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co. Sligo.

This will help you to commit and facilitate me in finalising the numbers.

“Dreams seem incomprehensible by nature, nonsensical, an insult to common sense. A dream is not at home in our day time consciousness.” (Robert Bosnak)

I imagine you can identify with these lines from Bosnak’s “A Little Course on Dreams”. Despite this truth, our dreams continue to intrigue, fascinate, frighten and challenge us. Statements like “I had the rarest dream last night”, “I can make no sense of my dream,” “Why would you bother dealing with that stuff”? are common enough in the human world.

However in my experience of working with dreams for the past thirty years, they are a powerful means of personal guidance and wisdom.
They facilitate my encounter with soul, and are the soul’s way of inviting me to assist in helping to unfold its task on this earth.

Kathleen Duffy from Castlebar has contributed immensely to the literature we have on dream work by writing a very helpful book entitled “Awaken To The Wisdom Of Your Dreams” She writes “like a shopkeeper expecting a fresh assortment of goods from the warehouse, be open for the business of the soul” .I will be saying more about this book on the day.

The beautiful and free part of Lisadell will be our host for the day. This Coillte environment gifts us with sea, forest and unspoiled, uncontrolled wilderness, and thus provides a place which lends itself to soul work using the medium of dreams. We will explore our dream territory on foot, noticing how this landscape meets the landscape of our soul. The combination of human nature and the more than human world will assist us in entering into the mystery held in the dream.

Participants will learn and discover practical tools for processing, recording, and remembering their dreams as they wander amid such mystical territory. They will learn how to explore their dreams as they ramble and walk, something which will be of great help when continuing the process in the years ahead.

Attention to ones emotions, and physical sensations, observation, careful listening, empathy, body posture, movement and patience will inform the process. The learning will draw on the work of Robert Bosnak, Bill Plotkin, Kathleen Duffy and Jeremy Taylor.

Please dress in several layers and bring waterproof jacket and trousers
And walking boots. In the event of really bad weather we will have an
indoor venue. Essential to the day will be a journal or notebook and
pen. Bring lunch, and a hot drink and if you like a dream. Arriving well
prepared for all kinds of weather will serve to nurture
you and enhance your experience of being enlivened and fed by this
soul food.

Night carries blame for dream and
The other worlds, you become
Mother opening the door to
Walk inside the colour blue
Where animals wear haloes. (John O Donohue)

The power of being aware of the shadow self

Becoming More Whole – The Power of Being Aware of the Shadow Self

DATE: Sunday 13th September 2015
TIME: 10am – 4:30pm
COST: 50 euro or whatever you can afford
VENUE: Knocklane promontory fort, North Sligo
MEETING POINT: Henry’s Restaurant car park, 7 miles out Bundoran Road from Sligo or 1.5 miles from Grange, 9:45am
BOOKING: Peter Devlin 0863663276 or [email protected] before Monday 7th September.

The range of what we think and do
Is limited by what we fail to notice.
And because we fail to notice
That we fail to notice
There is little we can do
To change
Until we notice
How failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds.
-Daniel Goleman

Autumn is arriving, signs of dying and harvest, shorter days, schools reopening, a new rhythm developing for many. I welcome you to join me on Sunday Sept 13th to spend a day in the beautiful wild environment of Knocklane Promontory Fort, North Sligo.

The theme for the day will be becoming aware of what we fail to notice about ourselves, what psychologist Carl June named as ‘The Shadow’, the part of us that is composed of those elements of our psyche that are unknown to us. Shadow characteristics can be negative or positive, ways of being that were disowned during childhood by us in order that we could ‘fit in’ to our family and society. These characteristics can shed light on our deepest passions, and possibly help us to see how we have lived a life failing to use our gifts all because we may appear ‘stupid or ridiculous’.
The invitation to us is to retrieve these lost elements and re-integrate them into our lives so that we can live more whole satisfying lives – less afraid, more and more joyful. One example is that we may fail to notice our own rage or sadness, and as a consequence, project rage or sadness onto others; we may experience them as angry with us, or as bringing us down with their pain..

The day will include time to soak in the beauty and welcome afforded by this historical place, a place where people lived availing or the protection and resources of the wild Atlantic ocean on three sides. Time will be given to revising what Bill Plotkin describes as the four facets of the self and how to access them. The second part of the soul day will focus on exercises which will facilitate self-exploration of our Shadow.
There will be opportunity to be alone, to share and listen to fellow humans and to the more-than-human world. As we enter into the rhythm of the landscape we will naturally slow down and experience the joy of sitting still.

Please dress in several layers and bring waterproof jackets and trousers, also good boots, a notebook and pen, possibly some crayons. Please bring lunch and a hot drink. In the event of really poor weather conditions, an indoor venue will be available.

Vision Quest in Co. Leitrim


Date:: Sat 17 July 10am- Sunday 18 Jul 1pm

Booking : Peter Devlin 086-3663276 or [email protected]

Cost: 90 euro) – excluding accommodation

Meeting point: Benwiskin centre, Ballintrillick, North Sligo

CPD: 16 hours

Hi friends, hope you are well and enjoying the long days and short nights. I am writing to say that the dates for the vision quest have changed slightly, beginning on Friday 17th July at 10am.and ending Sat 18th at 1pm. The final date for booking is now Monday 20th July.

There are still 3 places available and this change of date might suit someone who was unable to come. I also enclose some reflection from the late John O Donoghue. A new beautiful gem of a book has been published recently entitled “ Walking on the Pastures of Wonder”—John O Donohue in conversation with John Quinn.

This quotation is taken from page 38 and seems one which may inspire you to seek some time on the mountain in prayer. The vision quest will assist that in providing company and solidarity. Give it some thought please.



“To enact a vision quest is to clear a space. To quest is to honour a fallow time in our spiritual lives, an emptiness into which something utterly new and generative might enter. It is to create an open vessel capable of being filled to overflowing by the sacred Other”

Bill Plotkin


A vision quest is an ancient rite of dying, passing through, and being reborn. Normally it involves at least three day, three nights fasting, alone, in a place of natural power. What I am offering is a shorter version of this with an opportunity for men and women to spend at least eight hours of silence on the mountainside.



The group will spend Saturday morning 18th July together preparing for the solo time, and then they will be invited to go out on the mountain and choose a place to spend the next 8 hours in silence and fasting until 9pm. They will then meet briefly before retiring for the night in silence and fasting. The fast will end with breakfast at 8am on Sunday. Participants can book individually into the Benwiskin Centre; I have reserved several places…


Sunday will be taken up helping people to integrate their learning and experience. This can be a powerful time of celebrating the achievement of doing a Vision Quest, being really listened to and receiving guidance on ways of incorporating the vision into everyday life. This will take place in a different environment.


Reasons for doing a vision quest include the following: seeking advice on a major life decision, to celebrate or confirm a path already chosen, seeking direction, seeking courage to forgive oneself or forgive another. Perhaps something is dying in your life and a new phase is waiting to be born. Wilderness fasts have been a part of human culture for many thousands of years. Fasting helps us see the role that food plays in our life and helps us appreciate that there are other forms of food. Being in one place for a considerable period invites one to stay with one’s pain and thus find a way through it.


Previous participants expressed the following reasons for taking part in the quest: “a desire to continue on my spiritual journey,” “availing of something which came from another tradition and yet is local,” and “time to figure out my life purpose”. “ I have been on my own vision quest for some time now”  “ the knowledge that I need to be connected to what I am and to what I what I will be returning to after this human experience has come to an end”



Feedback included the following: “really valued the guidance and the sense of companionship on the journey” “I feel fed and nourished” “Being able to re-cognise God as the Almighty and resume my place as a human being” “was so good to take the time and trust the experience”,” the surprises that life throws at you” “my fear of lack of sustenance was totally infounded, as I did not experience any discomfort. I felt that I stepped into a different reality, grounded in nature.”



Participants would need to be comfortable with being outdoors for a considerable period, be reasonably comfortable with silence and aloneness, have a moderate level of fitness and be willing to spend some time preparing for the event. Past participants can profitably repeat the event.


It will involve a period of preparation which will be conducted with personal contact with me by phone before the event, completion of a form indicating your reasons for taking part and suggested reading material will be given.


If interested please apply by e mail stating your reasons for engaging in such an adventure, and I will send you an application form and arrange to talk to you or meet up. I would like to have definite numbers finalised by 10 July. If you need more information please call me or e mail. Since numbers are limited and hostel spaces tend to fill up quickly, I would advise you to apply as soon as possible. This will enable us to complete the requirements before July 10 2015.



 To secure a place please contact Peter and send a deposit of 60 euro to Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co. Sligo  Full deposit is refundable up until July 10.





Cultivating Our Wholeness — The South Facet Of Self





  Cultivating our wholeness—South Facet of Self.


“In my experience I have found that the wounded part of me is the best thing in me, it is what keeps me sharp, sane, and grounded” (Martin Duffy)





Summer arrives; we live in hope of better weather, heat, relaxation and maybe a holiday. Last June we looked at the great qualities of the South Facet of Self as outlined by Bill Plotkin in his book “Wild Mind”. These included being in touch with the our own natural wildness, being captured by the magic and mystery of each person, animal, insect and each part of creation, fully experiencing and owning our emotions, our place in the world. Living like this helps to cultivate our wholeness.


We do have however our darker side, a side which Bill Plotkin refers to as our sub-personalities. The challenge and gift of this awareness is to learn how to use our powerful and strong parts of our character to embrace the darker sides, in short “the goal in healing is to cultivate the capacity to function from the perspective of your 3-D Ego, which draws freely on the resources of the Self, Soul, and Spirit, and which understands the real needs, deep longings, and protective intentions of your sub personalities” (Plotkin)


We begin this adventure of healing on Clifoney Beach on Sunday June 7, with the backdrop of Mullaghmor cliffs, the roar of the Atlantic Ocean, the multi-faceted life of the adjoining sandunes, and with whatever souls are invited to come along.



As children we find strategies to deal with our particular insecurities. They served us well at that time but often we continue using them as adults in order to get our needs met. Bill Plotkin uses the term Wounded Children to describe the parts of us that are prone to feeling hurt, angry, afraid, sad, guilty, jealous, or ashamed and often act out these feelings in impulsive ways. This manifests as wanting others to meet our basic needs. Examples of this include  conforming to whatever value system seems to fulfill that desire, ( conformists)  needing others to rescue us (poor me syndrome) going against everything just to be defiant, ( always having a cause)  or living a  life where we expect others to serve us and make us centre stage ( I deserve)  Often we can recognize these qualities in others!!!!




Participants will be given help to firstly become aware of their particular wounded part and how it may relate to one of the above wounds and then in this experiential day be given ways to embrace this wound by using their healed and strong aspects of character. In this way we learn to meet our basic need in more mature fashion


The plan of the day includes the following: time to acclimatize to our host for the day, the beautiful scenic area, input and exercises to highlight the qualities associated with the South Facet of the psyche, an opportunity and ways of being with our wounded inner child, validating and feeling fully the emotions needing to be expressed, and finally integrating and celebrating the learnings of the day.




Plotkin reminds us that our inner resources can help us to make many rich discoveries including the following:


  • Discover more of your authentic nature ( your genuine values, desires and attitudes) revealed through your Orphan reactions;
  • Access your deep imagination (your Muse) regarding authentic social roles you might live your way into (in work, love and friendship;
  • Learn mature ways to protect yourself from other people’s immature criticism, rejection, and so on;
  • Learn ways to respond effectively to criticism, to better understand yourself and others and deepen your relationships;
  • Learn and practice anger-management skills and nonviolent communication;
  • Further hone your negotiation skills;
  • Develop your skills at community building; and
  • Take your next steps in cultivating physical, psychological, and spiritual self-reliance.


Date:               Sunday 7 June 2015

Time:               10am-5 pm

Cost:                50euro or whatever you can afford

Booking:          Peter Devlin on 086 3663276 or [email protected]

Venue:             Cliffoney Beach, Co. Sligo

Meeting Point and Directions:  Coming from Sligo, take the N15 in the direction of Bundoran and proceed to the village of Cliffoney. Take the first left turn signposted to Mullaghmore. This turn is just before a pub.  Coming from Donegal, turn right in Cliffoney after the shop and pub. .Travel 0.2 miles until you come to a small parking area on your right.

Deposit:        To secure a place please send a deposit of 20 euro to Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co. Sligo by Friday 29 May (Max 10 places)


Please dress in several layers and bring waterproof jacket and trousers if possible. Good boots will facilitate you in the exploration. A spare pair of socks and a small towel would be useful, as would notebook and pen. Please bring a lunch and a hot drink  Contact me if you need further information.




  1. Just a point of information for anyone in the Dublin area. I will be giving a talk on Outdoor Psychotherapy in The Lantern Centre next Thur May 21 at 7.30pm as part of Soul Seminars.