Blessing of a Parent


A Blessing from a Parent

May you believe in yourself,

Recognizing the beautiful gifts within yourself.

May you listen well to yourself and

To others.


May you have courage and encourage

Share stories, sense your surroundings

Avoid playing small, ignore the

‘not good enough’ voice, the being too good.


Be yourself, story tell, laugh, listen, love

Enjoy, entertain, engage with life

Accept yourself, be yourself, accept yourself

Protect, provide, plan your precious life.


I will be with you in some form

To love, learn and laugh with you

To gift, guide and go with you

To comfort, care and celebrate with you.


Let go, give yourself to life fully

Recognizing, feel and express your emotions

Anger as a power to respect yourself

Others and the planet.

Fear as a reminder to guard yourself

Sadness as acknowledgment of loss,

Joy as gratitude for the gift of life

Anger, crying a asserting respect.


Lead a life of gentleness and strength

Meeting pain as the pain of childbirth

Own your anger, express your fear,

Shed your tears, burst with laughter.


I am not perfect, I am sorry

I own my mistakes, I have learned

Thank you for being my child

I love you and the child within you.

Advanced Personal Development Course.

Advanced Personal Development Programme

Venue:     Sligo Psychotherapy Centre,  1 Wine Street, Sligo Town
Starting:  20th. March – 8th. May 2018  –  8 weeks
Time:       Tuesdays 7.30 – 9.30pm  (except Easter Tuesday)
Fee:         400 Euro (non-refundable)

Contact:  Patsy   086 – 3868410

We are offering an 8 week module for adults who are interested in furthering their emotional, psychological, and human potential. This exciting opportunity in the North West is offered by two experienced psychotherapists and trainers with combined experience of over 60 years of working with individuals and groups. This approach will particularly appeal to people who are interested in personal growth and transformation.

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Spring Soul Day

Spring Soul Day
A new Beginning with an opportunity to begin the Journey of Healing

Dates:     Sat. 17.2.2018   10am – 5pm
                Sun. 18.2.2018    9am – 4 pm
Venue:  North Sligo Area
Fee:     120 Euro for both days and 70 Euro for one day.
             Numbers will be limited to 8.       CDP Points: 14 

This two day event promises to be time well spent as participants will be invited to explore their natural gifts and resources they have as human beings, many of which they may not be aware of. Awareness of our resources provides us with natural ability to heal some of our wounds thus enabling us to begin to replace old routines with more healthy ways of being, positive habits of presence, self-encounter and mature action.

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Listening to Our Ancestor’s Stories

Accessing the gifts and healing the wounds of our inheritance  

Tue. Sep. 11th. Evening – Sun.16th. 2018 till 1pm
(on ever ancient, ever new Achill Island, County Mayo)

Guides: Peter Devlin with Sheila McHugh
Cost: 690 Euro
This includes guide fee and five night’s accommodation: €200 non-refundable deposit secures a place. Numbers are limited to 10.  Book before 31st May 2018 to avail of early bird discount (€630).

Humanity is built on the bedrock of our desire to belong. That we are part of a particular family and family tree is an indisputable fact. How we are in this world, how we live, how we react to the events which life presents us with, and rear our children, is no doubt deeply influenced by the family and tradition we come from.

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Cry of a teenager



Cry of a Teenager

I want to belong one cries.
I want to feel to matter to someone.
I do have a life
I want to have a place as well.

To have a friend to be in charge
To take a break from competition
To laugh, cry, moan and chill
To opt, out to wonder, to question

I want some control in this life
I did not ask to be born
I do not want this body
Too many people looking at me

Too many hurdles to cross
Too many people to please
Too many tasks to do
Too many balls to juggle

I want out of this shell
I want to be great, confident
I want friends, family, followers, fun
I want peace, pleasure, not pain.

Too much happening, too many demands
Put downs, possibilities
Put that down, tidy up, eat up
Get up, get out, give, do, be

I need help, happiness, hope
I need friends, followers, faces
I need clothes to cover me up
I need clothes to impress, impersonate

I do have a soul, you know.


I am enough, you know!

I am enough, you know!

UK study: Calls place modest fifth in phone time use

Dear Reader

Michael Singer was recently giving a presentation on a Sound True Production. And what he was saying about the mind being a beautiful and at the same time a dangerous thing really struck me. Essentially we humans have beautiful minds. Beautiful precious inner lives, which we keep well hidden at times.  It is generally the outer self one sees, a self often times well masked, manufactured and made up. In a desperate attempt to comfort and fit in and to impress the other.

My 11 year old son bought his first phone recently. He was probably one of the last of his lass to get a phone. The importance of connection and friendship and not being the odd one out, clinched for us the deal as parents.

In handing the phone to him, my prayer was, that this phone be used to develop and nurture healthy friendships, to encourage and affirm people and to spread good news, joy and laughter.

My hope was, that it would not be used as a means to desperately plea, that ‘I am good enough’. The mind can be a dangerous thing. It can construct, construe and convince me that I am not good enough, people do not like me. I need lots of followers, fans, approval and acceptance.

Nature Retreat: Nurture, Sustenance, And Overcoming Harsh Self-Criticism

Nature Retreat: Nurture, Sustenance and Overcoming Harsh Self-Criticism


Sat 18th and Sun 19th November



 If we will have the wisdom to survive,

To stand like slow-growing trees

On a ruined place, renewing, enriching it…

Then a long time after we are dead

The lives our lives prepare will live

Here, their houses strongly placed

Upon the valley sides, fields and gardens

Rich in the windows.

(Wendell Berry, “A Vision”)

Most of us desire to be happy and at peace, to be stress free and clear headed.  We wonder how to best care for ourselves in the midst of our busy lives, how to respond to our responsibility to care for the earth, how to be a good parent, how to nurture our relationships.

These central questions will form the basis of these two days spent in the tranquil peace-filed and wild surroundings of North Sligo.

On Saturday we will spend some time celebrating the lives of people who have nurtured and nourished us and may no longer be physically with us.  There will be time to give thanks to our environment for its protection and care, time to reflect on our generative qualities and consider how we can give to our relationships, and to the more than human world.

On Sunday we will move to a different venue and explore ways in which we adults live our lives using strategies to survive which belong to our own days of childhood.  These include the need to belong, to be safe, to be free from conflict, to fit in to the expectations of others.  Understanding ourselves, and discovering healthy ways of belonging, overcoming harsh self-criticism will be at the heart of this day.

Both days will include input, group sharing and time alone to experience ways of cultivating a more compassionate and genuine care of self, others, our relationships and this beautiful temporary home known as earth.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, we will move to a warm welcoming indoor venue.  Please dress in several layers and bring waterproof jacket and trousers if possible, and bring a notebook, pen, lunch and a hot drink.

Date: Sat 18th November 10am-5pm, Sunday 19th November 9am-4pm

Cost: 70 euro per day or 120 euro for the two days ( If possible please do both days for maximum benefit and group trust.)

CPD points:14


To secure a place, please send a deposit of 30 euro to Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinful, Co Sligo before Monday 13th November.

For further information, please ring 0863663276 or email [email protected].

Day of Dreams Workshop

Day of Dreams

This being human is a guest house.

Every morning is a new arrival

A joy, a depression, a meanness.

Some momentary awareness comes

As an unexpected visitor.


Image result for dreams nature

Every night I go to bed. I have my dream journal open and pen on my bedside locker. What visitor in shape of a dream will come tonight? If I do not write a brief note when I awaken after a dream I will probably not remember it.

In my experience of recording and spending time with my dreams over the last 30 or 40 years, I have found them to be a source of great puzzlement, guidance, nourishment, prophecy, confirmation and challenge. They have been particularly helpful in making decisions. For me, dreams are messages from my soul which utilize the residue of the day and past memories to question, challenge and direct me in living life to the full.

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping and one-fifth dreaming. If we take our age and divide it by three it tells us on average how much time we have spent sleeping. Divide by three and it tell us how much time we have spent dreaming.

Children dream a lot. As they grow and develop quickly this is reflected in the experience of dreaming about death and dying. The old structure of personality has to die to make room for the new.

This workshop offers participants an opportunity to understand their dreams. I do most of my dream work while walking. It affords me the opportunity of moving as the dream characters move, and entering their space. Utilizing nature and the variety that the more-than-human world offers assists me in making sense of my night-time adventures.

To take part in this exciting day please sign up as soon as possible. We will work both indoors and outdoors being guided by the weather. You will be given the opportunity of working with a dream and you will return home with several tools enabling you to continue this exciting work.

Date: Sunday, October 15th 2017.

Time: 10am – 5pm.

Meeting Point: My office.

Cost: 70 euro.

CPD hours: 7

Booking: Contact Peter 086 3663276 or [email protected]

Max participants: 8.

To secure a place please send a deposit of 20 euro by Monday October 9th to:

Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinful, Co.Sligo.