Blessing of a Parent


A Blessing from a Parent

May you believe in yourself,

Recognizing the beautiful gifts within yourself.

May you listen well to yourself and

To others.


May you have courage and encourage

Share stories, sense your surroundings

Avoid playing small, ignore the

‘not good enough’ voice, the being too good.


Be yourself, story tell, laugh, listen, love

Enjoy, entertain, engage with life

Accept yourself, be yourself, accept yourself

Protect, provide, plan your precious life.


I will be with you in some form

To love, learn and laugh with you

To gift, guide and go with you

To comfort, care and celebrate with you.


Let go, give yourself to life fully

Recognizing, feel and express your emotions

Anger as a power to respect yourself

Others and the planet.

Fear as a reminder to guard yourself

Sadness as acknowledgment of loss,

Joy as gratitude for the gift of life

Anger, crying a asserting respect.


Lead a life of gentleness and strength

Meeting pain as the pain of childbirth

Own your anger, express your fear,

Shed your tears, burst with laughter.


I am not perfect, I am sorry

I own my mistakes, I have learned

Thank you for being my child

I love you and the child within you.

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