Autumn – Season of Harvest and Transformation.



Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing,

There is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in the grass,

The world is too full to talk about.

Ideas; language. Even the phrase each other

Doesn’t make any sense.


Following on from the South Facet of self which we explored May 13 and 14, I would now like to invite you to spend two days with me and others looking at the West facet of Self which is characterized by words including romance, sunsets, sunrises and imagination. Writer and Wilderness Guide Bill Plotkin situates this dimension of our inner selves in the season of Autumn, the evening of the day, a time of dying and reaping the harvest.

This is the area of dreams, the place of change, transformation, mystery, decisions,   the underworld, the unknown, living with questions, moving into our inner life, into the interior world. As we journey together on this first day, we will tread carefully as we will be afforded deep access to the soul and to the Divine.

Just as the way of knowing in the South is feeling and emotion, the West uses our imagination, “Imago – Dei” as a way to discover our truth. The Divine is not known by reason. This is an opportunity to imagine a healthier way of living, to make contact with our innate creativity and hidden gifts.

Bill Plotkin reminds us that “Deep imagination is an indispensable faculty for discovering the truth about everyday life, no less essential than observing, thinking and feeling”

On Sunday we will explore areas of ourselves that we are unaware of and consequently are a barrier to living a more wholesome life. The term  the Shadow is often used in this context, sometimes we project our negative characteristics onto others and sometimes we disown our innate gifts and project them onto others. The poet and writer Robert Bly maintains that we spend the first part of our lives stuffing 90 per cent of our wholeness into the “long bag we drag behind us” and the remainder of our life trying to retrieve these items. It is not uncommon to find our deepest passion when we become aware of our Shadow. It might be as simple as a desire to write, sing or dance, gifts which may have been repressed in the interests of conforming to the expectations of family or society.

These areas will be further developed during the two days and participants will be given time, space and gentle listening as they go out into wild nature with specific exercises to experiment with. You will be encouraged to move with compassion and curiosity into your inner landscape, input will focus as well on how you can use your inner resources which you will have surfaced on the first day, to move forward with gentleness and strength.


The following information is taken from Bill Plotkins book “Wild Mind”


The Shadow is whatever is what’s true about who you really are, but you haven’t a clue about it.

Projection is the unconscious transfer of your own emotions, desires, or traits onto another person (your screen) or sometimes onto a whole class of persons.

Seeing scandalous flaws in others is a good place to investigate

Primary clue is the intensity of the emotional reaction you have to the other person

Sometimes what we project onto others is not our disowned characteristics but our unfinished relationship with the past.

In the basic form of shadow work, we get a chance to reflect on how we behave towards other people, withdrawing and owning our projections, seeing our stuff more clearly, taking great responsibility, improving our relationships and making them more real.


 Weather permitting both days will be conducted in the outdoors, enjoying the mountains and ocean of this beautiful environment. Wilderness informs us that wholeness is not about perfection. Both days will include input, solo time, and an opportunity to share when appropriate. The exercises we do can be then used to practice and continue to use when at home. Confidentiality is stressed and we will take solace that we are not alone in our human condition.


PLEASE DRESS IN SEVERAL LAYERS INCLUDING WATERPROOF CLOTHING AND GOOD BOOTS. Include lunch, a hot drink, a watch, notebook and pen in your ruck sack.



Venue:  North Sligo area.  The sessions will be conducted in beautiful wild areas of North Sligo. The intention is to spend one day in the shade of beautiful Ben Bullen and another in that magical, mysterious historical place known as Knock lane Promontory Fort. In the advent of terrible weather conditions, we will work indoors adjacent to my office. Fortunately we are only 10 minutes away by car from the intended venues. We will meet indoors initially.


Details:   Saturday 23 September 10am-5pm and Sunday 24 September 9am-4pm

              Cost 70 euro per day or 120 for the two days (If possible please do both days for maximum benefit and group trust.)

             C.P.D. Points :  14

              To secure a place please send a deposit of 30 euro to Peter Devlin, Cloonaghbawn, Ballinfull, Co. Sligo before Friday 15th September 2017.

              For further information please call 0863663276 or email [email protected]


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