Focusing is a very gentle and yet powerful process of inner  knowing and transformation. How often have you chided yourself by saying ” I know i should have listened to myself but did’nt”?  As a therapist i use this method a lot in helping my clients to discover what is really going on. We can talk for ages and stay on the roundabout so to speak but what the founder of this discipline  Eugene Gendlin discovered through major research on what therapy works was that those who managed to heal had been able to feel the issue in their body, really listen to it and then felt a body shift.

My experience as a practioner is that many people are totally out of touch with their body and are totally in their head. Time needs to be spent helping people get used to feeling the issue in their body. This is a great starting point and the beauty of this method is that once learned can be used by the client on their own. this is very empowering way to work.

i learned this skill with Ann Weiser Conell and have been using it in my therapy practice and in my own personal life for sixteen years now.

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