Spirituality In The Helping Professions

Date: Saturday 23rd November

Venue: Family Life Centre, Boyle, Co Roscommon

Time: 10am – 5pm

Booking:  Family Life Centre 0719663000


What sustains you?

What gives you life?

What nourishes your soul at work and at home?

If these are questions that speak to you, you may be interested in coming along to a workshop in the Family Life Centre in Boyle.  It is aimed primarily at people who work as carers, social workers, nurses, doctors, therapists, religious, and will involve spending a few hours reflecting on your work and motivation, and finding ways to nourish that.


Participants will be facilitated during this presentation to clarify for themselves a spirituality which gives them life and peace amid the storms that emerge in daily living, and to make contact with the “inner well” that sustains you.  People will get in touch with your passion, a key way of making contact with one’s soul.

The day will involve input, experiential work including guided meditation, discussion and some outdoor experience – weather permitting.



Whatever has happened in your life up till now, what you may have believed in or hoped for or dreamed of, remember that all this is in the past. A new life, a new chance, now awaits you. You have only to reach out and take it. But remember: you yourself must do the reaching. Though the way calls, it will not come on its own accord. It is up to you to take the first step”. (The Five Stages of the Soul, Moody and Carroll)




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