Who am I?


With one of my children I’ve managed to embarrass

I am Peter Devlin and I have lived in North Sligo since 2001 with my wife and three children.  I have been working as a psychotherapist since 2000 and as a clinical supervisor since 2006. I work with clients both indoors and outdoors. I also provide workshops and training in areas such as Understanding Your Dreams, Focusing, Process-Oriented Psychotherapy and Ecotherapy. I am available to assist people in doing their own work outside, and am available to do sessions on skype.  I also facilitate the celebration of key moments in life, such as weddings, with alternative meaningful rituals.

I am a keen organic gardener, and my passion is spirituality of the outdoors, introducing people to the magic and healing of the landscape.  I know at first hand the healing power of nature, and am convinced that many of our illnesses and diseases are in part a sign of disconnection with the earth.

I have experience in working with individuals, couples and groups to help people work through whatever issues they are facing. Clients are guaranteed strict confidentiality, except in circumstances where they are a risk to themselves or to others.

Issues covered include:

Anxiety            Depression
Relationship counselling    Anger Management
Personal Growth        Loss and Bereavement
Sexual Abuse            Life Transitions
Gender issues            Parenting
Soul Work            Trauma